Services At the Straube Center




At Straube Center you buy only the services you need. Start by selecting the office size and location and add any one of the following services:

Conference Rooms: Several conference rooms of various sizes are free to use for all tenants.

Advertising Opportunity: All tenants have the opportunity to advertise their business through our web site free of charge. If you  already have a web site, this will give you an outside link to boost the page rank of your company site. If you don’t have a web site yet, this is the perfect way to promote your business on the Internet free of charge.

Management on Site: Our experienced staff is located on site to assist you with your office needs.

Building Layouts

1 Straube Center Boulevard        A Suites
102 Straube Center Boulevard    B Suites
104 Straube Center Boulevard    C and D Suites
106 Straube Center Boulevard    F Suites Floor Plan
108, 110,112  Straube Center Boulevard I Suites Floor Plan
114 Straube Center Boulevard    K Suites Floor Plan

100 Straube Center Boulevard   Floor Plan

On a tight budget? Don’t really need a regular office space? Try our A La Carte Services!