Fiber Revolution



Fiber Revolution is a group of 25 Studio Art Quilts Associates (SAQA) members from Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Wisconsin. Founded by Martha Sielman the President of SAQA in 2003, Fiber Revolution works together as an internet group and has obtained an extensive exhibition resume.

In this collection of art quilts, each artist breaks apart the subject, examines it, takes a new perspective, or reinvents it.  In this way, the total exhibit presents an image where each work is itself a fragment of the exhibition as a whole. The use of two very common, simple forms are used to represent fragments – circles and squares.  Look at the piecing, the color patterns, and the stitching to see the great variety of circles and squares these artists have used to break their images into fragments.  At times the circles and squares make up the basic composition of a work.  Other works use subtle stitching or color to form circles or squares within the image.  Some circles and squares are distorted or blurred; other works feature bold shapes.  Several works play circles against squares to create interesting compositions.

Additionally presented is a different way to fragment, which is the use of layers – layers of color, of surfaces, of images.  Many of the works here are built from layers of materials, not always fabrics, which form a collage.  Some works feature layers themselves as the subject, while other artists chose an image with many layers of meaning. By selecting pieces which work with each other to create and reinforce the  theme, the artists have assembled an exhibit with depth and impact that is not to be missed!

Fragmentations ran from April 25th – July 18th, 2014 in the I-108 Building Gallery

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Fiber Revolution has shown at Straube Center before! They were part of the Omnifarious Art Show (reviewed here by Janet Purcell) running July 9th – August 20th 2010. See work from their previous show here!