Executive Profiles

William B. Meytrott

William B. Meytrott is the Managing Member of the Straube Center LLC as well as the Straube Regional Center LLC, and also the Chair Person of the Straube Group. He is a combat veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps who was awarded the Purple Heart in Vietnam. Mr. Meytrott has served as Chief of Police in Hunterdon County, NJ and was Director of Public Safety for the Borough of Pennington, NJ.

Michele Straube, Esq.

Michele Straube, Esq., is a Director of the Straube Group of Companies, Director of the Straube LLCs and Managing Trustee of the Straube Foundation, Inc. Before joining the University of Utah as Director of the Wallace Stegner Center’s Environmental Dispute Resolution Program, Michele was a practicing lawyer for more than 15 years, representing private and public sector clients.

Paul Pogorzelski

Paul Pogorzelski, P.E., P.P., is the former Township Administrator/Municipal Engineer for Hopewell Township and a former Partner with Van Cleef Engineering Associates, a local Consulting Engineering and Land Surveying firm. He joined Straube Center as a Director following his retirement in January 2018.

Meredani Straube, Director

Meredani Straube worked 15 years as Finance & Administration Officer for Deloitte & Touche before coming to Straube Centers International Corporation.

Win Straube, Chief Executive Officer

Win Straube is Vice Chairman of the Straube Group of Companies. His educational background is in linguistics, international economics and law. For more information on Win Straube please see

Jennifer Caswell, Office Manager & Gallery Manager

Jennifer Caswell is Straube Center Office Manager & Art Gallery Curator. Jennifer is leading the Straube Team in taking care of its tenants and day-to-day business. With years of service in customer care, Jennifer has a proven background in management and customer relations.

Anne Louise Birkett, CA, Accounts Specialist

Anne Louise Birkett, a Chartered Accountant, is the Accounts Specialist for Straube Center. Anne was an auditor with Deloitte & Touche for 4 years before joining the Straube Team.

Won Ki Song, Maintenance Technician

Won Ki Song joined the Straube Center in 2019 and is responsible for all on-site maintenance services.

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