By R. Kurt Osenlund, Pennington Post

The art-loving folks at the Straube Center will be hosting an art auction in September, which will feature work from the latest eclectic exhibition. 

At present, the Straube Center in Pennington is displaying yet another eclectic collection of unique and vibrant art, created by individuals whose styles vary, but whose displayed pieces are linked by a common theme. The latest art show, which kicked off May 13 and runs through Aug.19, is dubbed “The World as We Know It.” According to Straube Center curator and gallery manager Alisandra Wederich, it offers the viewer a glimpse of the world through each artist’s eyes.

“It features the artwork of very, very different artists and how they each perceive the world differently,” Wederich says. “To bring all of these artists together into one show – it’s very cool to view as a whole. It’s enlightening, I think, to see the world as artists see it.”

The artists on display include Joanne Markowicz-Bilarczyk, Indira Servaia, Diana Krupensky, Nicole Helen Brunner, Brandon Herman, Theresa Marie Heinrich and Geneva Anastasio. Markowicz-Bilarczyk, a freelance artist from West Berlin, N.J., works in realism, creating everything from landscapes to still-lifes to portraits, often using acrylic paint. India native Indira Servaia takes a feminist approach to art, crafting exotic portraits that evoke her homeland and, as Wederich tells it, play off the metaphorical notion that Indian women are often forced to hide behind masks.

A native of Romania who graduated from the University of Bucharest, Diana Krupensky sees the world in vivid colors, and lets her dreams filter into her reality (and onto her canvases). Nicole Helen Brunner draws inspiration from images she finds online, and creates self-portraits not by rendering her physical self, but by incorporating elements she finds self-representational.

A New York photographer and filmmaker, Brandon Herman often turns to cityscapes and sexy pinups for subject matter, showing a shrewd eye for buoyant color and stylized compositions. A true genre-defier, Theresa Marie Heinrich combines collage with the abstract to boldly convey her loves of travel, fashion and all-around sophistication. Finally, Geneva Anastasio, a former Pennington-Rocky Hill Road resident who now resides in Somerset, has a remarkable surprise for Straube visitors – an interactive art experience that truly must be seen first-hand. A converted shed whose interior is symbolically bedazzled, the piece, known as “It’s What’s Inside That Counts,” has Wederich especially excited.

“It’s fantastic,” Wederich says proudly.

The artists’ work will be included in the Straube Center’s upcoming art auction, to be held Saturday, Sept. 17 at the Straube Center complex. Even Anastasio’s showstopper will be up for grabs. Additional auction items will include pieces from the Straube Center’s permanent collection, and pieces by Win Straube himself. Made in the spirit of Win’s signature form, “Ebullient Art,” a few of the pieces will be large-format collages of stamps that Win has collected throughout the years from across the world.

Wederich says the folks at the Straube Center will likely use one of the complex’s vacant spaces for the auction, gathering the pieces together to be presented, gallery style. One hundred percent of the profits generated from the auction will go to the Straube Center Foundation, which, among other things, brings quality generic education to anyone, anywhere in the world. (Wederich explains that the foundation’s many highlights have included a robotics program, online and in-person tutoring, and workshops that simultaneously benefit young people and senior citizens.) The foundation is a certified 501(c)3 nonprofit, so all purchases and donations are entirely tax-deductible.

The public is always invited to attend all Straube art events at no charge. For more information on the Straube Center and its many art happenings, visit The Straube Center is located at One Straube Center Blvd. in Pennington.

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