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This two person show features these talented Artists: Vinita Mathur and Susan Winter

A two person show that use life experiences to create their works. Each uses a variety of beautiful colors in their works.

Vinita Mathur,  is a self-taught Jersey based expressionist who uses oil, acrylic, coffee and similar mediums for her paintings. Her artistic journey started when she moved with her young family from India to Toronto and then to Jersey as a medium to capture the myriad of emotions and experiences involved across such transitions. Drawing from the life experiences, her paintings use vibrant colors to express human emotions and passions and appear as dreamlike images in which fiction and reality meet, well-known tropes, merge, meanings shift, and past and present fuse. You can reach her for details on specific artwork or custom art commissions at  or Website –

Susan Winter, was born on a farm near Freehold New Jersey.   As a child on the farm, she spent many hours walking through fields, listening to the wind, and playing in the woods.  Winter’s first drawings were this land. These were scattered on the floor in piles her mother had to scoop up. Friends were not right down the block, so she spent time drawing the things around her in this domain.   Being an artist is about seeing your own world in your personal way. PHILOSOPHY- – I am a dreammaker. I try to capture the beauty and imagination in each extraordinary moment This is possible through the artist’s eye and interpretation.  It is my goal with each new painting.  Painting families and pets has become my greatest joy. Direct: 732-915-7892

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Opening Reception for ” A THOUSAND SHADES OF PASSION” By Vinita Mathur and Susan Winter will be held on July 14th  from 7-9pm

 A THOUSAND SHADES OF PASSION will be exhibited from July 14th- October 6th . Gallery Hours: M-F  from 8am – 4pm, Weekends from 11am – 5pm.

The public is invited  to attend all events at no charge. Meeting with the  artists offers the public an opportunity to learn how to view and evaluate art  from the artists’ perspective and is especially helpful to the new collector.


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Straube Center features and supports local artists

For more  than 30 years, Straube Center exhibition rooms have displayed local and  international artists’ works in regularly rotating shows. Straube Center does not charge a commission, 100% of the sales goes to the individual artist.  As part of the office complex’s work environment, Straube’s art exhibits have proven extremely successful. Over the years, large numbers of celebrated artists have participated in Straube’s unique shows, and many more are ready to set up future shows.

Steve, the man who stood model over 30 years ago for Seward Johnson, came to visit the Straube Center after seeing the article in the Trenton Times.

Steve, the man who stood model over 30 years ago for Seward Johnson, came to visit the Straube Center after seeing an article in the Trenton Times.

Outdoor exhibit with local sculpture artists at Straube Center

In 2009,  the a sculpture  garden with “Art You Can Touch”, including large bronze, wood, metal, marble  and other stone carvings by a variety of locally as well as globally well-known  artists was added to the Straube Center Office Park.  Some of the three-dimensional art is on permanent display while some of it will be on exhibition temporarily. Most sculptures are for sale. The sculpture gardens is adding to the nurturing  environment and is giving more exposure not only to the seekers of enjoyment in art,  but to many visitors that may not normally visit a gallery. The high  number of sold art to date shows how much Straube Center tenants and visitors  enjoy this one-of-a-kind experience.