John A. Saccone

John A. Saccone is a freelance artist and musician from central New Jersey. He has had an ongoing interest in art since childhood, having shown itself first with his love and execution of cartoons. Having taken several courses in fine arts during college, John realized his passions could better be served via unconventional means. He took his formal training and paired it with his love of cartooning to create a unique form of street art that he indulged in for several years. During this time, his interests also included tattoo design. When John met his now wife, Melody, also an artist, she used her fine arts training to help him combine his love of street art with more conventional media such as canvas and ink drawings. He works with a range of media including spray paint, pen, decoupage, and found objects.  His subject matter varies and can be drawn from his roots in cartooning as well as his interest in science and math. The results are works that help push John’s vision that art need not be strictly abstract or conventional…and boundaries are meant to be broken.

John and Melody met Addison Vincent through mutual friend, Bobby Bates. Having been inspired by each other, the four artists quickly realized their efforts could bring them far if they joined together and created Allegory Lab Art Collective. John’s work can be seen in several private collections as well as on the bodies of several individuals due to commissioned tattoo designs.  John recently was exhibited at Artworks Trenton and Veridian Gallery in Pennington, NJ.

You can see John’s work at the following websites: