Jeanne Steers

A solo exhibit of 3D shaped paintings by award-winning artist Jeanne Steers explores the common thread that connects our humanity despite our individual differences and unique experiences. Visage portrays the skin of life. A skin that can change moment by moment throughout one’s existence and that overlays this fundamental human connection. Jeanne Steers, a graduate of Rhode Island School of Design, is known for her dynamic and colorful paintings.

Steers’ paintings represent the common thread that runs among us. Our humanity and connection, our bond. The Visage is what is seen by the outer world, a cumulation of our experiences, thoughts, perspective overlaying our true essence. Steers’ relationship to the paint allows a raw connection to the essence of our existence and expression of our experiences. Jeanne approaches each piece without a pre-conceived notion of the outcome. The paint flows and informs the artist as to the next course of action, each stroke leading to the next. As the piece develops, images emerge, blend, co-exist, some representational, some abstract, some surreal, as in life itself. As the painting emerges, the Visage forms. Beneath it all, eyes peer into the soul, piercing, engaging with each of us in our own unique way.To experience these works is to experience a piece of oneself.

Jeanne Steers’ work on shaped board has evolved over the years. The shaped canvas adds an additional dimension and element to the meaning of the piece. The shape of the board begins the dialogue and establishes a realm within which to converse. The third dimension adds depth to the expression. It also provide space for the art to exist within. Jeanne Steers lives and works in Roxbury, CT. Meld 4in

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Visage ran from April 25th – July 18th, 2014 in the 100 Building Gallery