Addison Vincent and Bobby Bates

Each of the works in this exhibit are reflections of the artist’s thoughts on events personal and public.  Some of the works, for instance, “Fukashima”, “Simplicity of War”, and “NSA”, show the artists depiction of public, world events. Pieces such as, “Like Father, Like Son”, and “The Great Divide”, are more of a personal expression of the artist.  Each one of the works in “Free Association” is meant to create the framework for a story that the viewer would imagine on their own.  The very meaning of the exhibit is to engage the viewer to use their imagination to complete the story, given only one piece of the story.  Whether the viewer uses the image to free associate a story, or draw upon the images to recall buried memories, each image is meant to take the viewer to another place, invoking emotion and memories.  Each one of the works is a visual representation of places, thoughts, and emotions that are special to the artist.

The “Free Association” exhibit, showcases works done with acrylic paint on canvas, and mixed media work comprising of (digital photography, photo manipulation, acrylic paints and varnishes, charcoal, plaster, and gesso on stretched canvas).  This style and approach to mixed media work is relatively new to Addison Vincent, which he developed through trial and error over the past few years, and incorporates all the mediums that he works in. “Free Association” will be the first time he is exhibiting these works to the public.



Addison Vincent (1978 – ) is a freelance artist currently residing in Bensalem, Pennsylvania. He studied art history at the University of Hartford, and began his art career shortly after graduating with honors in Visual Communications from Gibbs School in 1999. Having also been involved in the design and execution of several theater sets, Addison’s chosen media can range greatly. He worked as a commercial graphic designer for a few years, further developing his skills in design and various artistic methods, before making the decision to follow his true passion of fine art. The media in his work ranges from photography and digital illustration, to more classical art methods. Addison pushes viewers to step outside of the normal confines of what defines fine art and design by discarding the mundane and setting new guidelines, thereby opening people to a new type of visual stimulation. Addison has curated two successful group exhibits at Villager’s Theater in Somerset, NJ. “Elements” Art Show and Auction in 2011 and “Flipside Fairytale” Art Show and Auction in 2012. Addison founded Allegory Lab Art Collective with three other artists, (Bobby Bates, Melody Saccone, John Saccone) in March of 2013. Addison has completed many works on a commission basis for both private parties and businesses, stage productions and short stories, album covers, while presenting his original works in several shows at Trenton, NJ’s Artworks Gallery, as well as various, small art shows in the Tri State area.

Addison Vincent’s work can be seen on the following websites:


Bobby Bates is a freelance photographer, videographer, and musician from New Jersey. From a young age the arts have been a part of Bobby’s life. He has been playing music since age 10, and shortly thereafter he developed a love for writing poetry. Photography followed closely along in high school, but it exploded into a full time passion about 4 years ago when his interest in video editing led him to pick up a camera for himself. Bobby often combines his talents for music, poetry, videography and photography into larger mixed media projects. His subject matter ranges greatly, but he has a fondness for breathing new life into the old and antique. He views his camera as an extension of his being, and uses the media he loves to provide new perspective on the seemingly ordinary while weaving worlds and stories for the viewer to wander in. Above all else, Bobby desires to show his viewers a window into what could be seen, but is often missed. His work has been in several shows. His talents have been commissioned by several businesses and persons, and his work can be seen hanging in multiple private collections.

You can see his work at the following sites:

Addison Vincent and Bobby Bates’ shows were on display January 24th – April 18th, 2014.