Clifford Ward

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Artist Statement

Embracing the mythologies, cultures and ethos of the African Diaspora, Australian Aborigines, Native Americans and Maori People of New Zealand through dance, religion and spirituality, my work has evolved into a “potpourri” of many of these indigenous peoples’ cultures. It is truly from my soul and I feel more and more like a conduit for my ancestors’ messages which hopefully will continue to nourish the honesty and integrity of my work and will also help me to better understand my African roots.

The general approach to my new work is the concept of relationships. “Relationships” was the title of my last solo show. It involved pairs of sculptures and paintings that are more similar to one-another than they are different (similar to human beings). This is the basis and direction of the entire body of work. These relationships are both visual and structural. Developing complementary pieces that maintain particular attributes that are similar to one-another, but also that maintain many individual structures and designs unique to the individual piece, is a specific goal of this new body of work. And although the groups of complimentary pieces are paired, all of the work shows a common denominator that ties all of the work together. My goal is to develop a show called “Relationships II”; particularly since I have a clearer picture of what it is I want to present.

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