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Artist Statement and Bio

NineTomatoes Mandalas are alive! They're born from channeled line drawings done originally in ink on paper. And they're my chariots through the awakening process that all souls are called to.

Prior to their arrival, I took art classes and read many books, yearning to find one clue that would lead me to magic on canvas.  I spent years rendering objects, from flowers and fruit to humans and trees. But it was one command from a 7-year-old boy that changed my focus forever. "Not another pear mom! Just draw what's inside you!"

The next time I held a pen in my hand, time stopped, lightning bolts flashed, and universes of planets, moons, stars and suns splashed onto the paper, revealing a world that I recognized. I'd simply asked to be shown what was inside me.

So rather than art, I've come to think of these mandalas as energy beings who answered my call… entities who’ve come at this amazing time of change on Earth to help us connect to our higher selves and to each other.












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