Katherine Stanek

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Artist Statement

My work is emotionally inspired and viscerally created to capture the essence of my message. Constructed in concrete and premised on destruction as a vehicle for creation; my material and process are integral to the final image. During my development process, the sculptural form and surface evolves in response to the changing characteristics of the cement. The material is not manipulated by me, it responds to my handling. This notion that human intervention gives life to an otherwise nonliving entity best describes my relationship with my material and my work.

Artist Biography

Katherine Stanek was born in Oak Park, Illinois and lived in the Chicago area until her early twenties. Pursuing work and education, Katherine relocated to Philadelphia where she held a full time corporate management position while attending classes part time at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. Disenchanted with the corporate culture Katherine resigned her management position in 2002 to enroll full time at The Pennsylvania Academy receiving a 4-year merit scholarship for her studies. Katherine was introduced to the sculptural process during her first year at the Pennsylvania Academy and later received several awards in both sculpture and draftsmanship including the prestigious Pennsylvania Academy Fellowship Trust Award for her body of work. Immediately upon graduation, Katherine exhibited several bronze works with integrated concrete bases. Intrigued by the versatility of the concrete, Katherine began to explore the medium further. After years of self study, practice, trial and error research and consulting with local masons, Katherine began to develop her own mixtures and formulas enabling her to model it like clay, mold it like plaster and carve it like stone. The result is a sculptural image that reflects the energy of the entire process and the changing characteristics of the material. This marriage of content and craft has gained the attention of collectors and artists alike. Having recently traveled to Turkey to share her tools and techniques with an international audience, Katherine is now a sought after instructor for modeling and casting in cement.

Katherine Stanek
Stanek Studios, LLC
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Paulsboro, NJ 08066
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