Charlotte Sommer-Landgraf

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Computer Graphics and Computer Collages by a World Renowned Sculptress,
Charlotte Sommer-Landgraf
1928 - 2006

Charlotte Sommer-Landgraf was born 1928 in Dresden, Germany. From 1948 to 1952 she studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Dresden under Professors Winde, Koelle, and Arnold. After her graduation she worked on the restoration of the Berlin Opera House. She married in 1952 and until 1965 had four children while continuing her career in the figurative arts.

Originally working mainly in sandstone, Charlotte Sommer-Landgraf obtained Europe-wide recognition for her later work in marble, particularly the Robert-Schumann-Stele bust in the Semper Opera House in Dresden. Another widely known marble sculpture of hers is “Freeing Oneself” which was created in what was then Communist East Germany, one year before the Berlin wall came down. Since 1990 this large monument to freedom stands at the Elbe River’s edge in front of the Japanese Palais in Dresden.

In the meantime Ms. Sommer-Landgraf has become very active in the development of computer graphics and computer collages which have captured the public’s fascination worldwide. The computer graphics are not just the product of her imagination, color and shape selection, but are also mathematical marvels, printed in 330 colors resulting from the basic colors of yellow, red, blue and black. The mathematical formulas developed for printing Ms. Sommer-Landgraf’s computer art in all its nuances were developed by her husband, Prof. Dr. Guenther Landgraf, national science-prize-winner, and until recently, President of the Technical University of Dresden, Germany.The resulting art works are truly stunning exhibition and collectors items, as are her computer collages.They start as computer graphics, but are then cut and reshaped with scissors, re-assembled and glued together in lively forms.

The materials used for the computer graphics and collages are the best and most expensive paper available, especially developed for this purpose. It comes from two sources, one in France and one in Germany. No experience exists as to how long it will last, but it is expected to last just as long as papyrus has lasted or longer, and just as long as linen cloth or other such surfaces being used for paintings.The ink comes from Japan. Again, it is specifically developed and was selected for this application, being as good or better than most other colors used for similar purposes today.

Ms. Sommer-Landgraf’s works are part of many museums, corporate and individual collections, including IBM Stuttgart, Germany, Deutsche Bank, Dresdener Bank, in Ann Arbor, Michigan U.S.A., Villefranche-sur-Mer, France, Dai plan, Japan, and have been shown and won prizes in many exhibitions, including in Berlin, Bonn, Helsinki, London, and many other locations.

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