Barbara Sher

Barbara's books and CDs are invaluable resources designed and developed to help your child reach his or her full potential.

Play is a powerful learning tool. When children are engaged, they naturally focus and learn. Neuroscientists have shown that actual brain development happens when children are having fun. You don't need lots of times to play games with your child, just an easy idea and a good mood. PLAYFUL MOMENTS can give you over 50 ideas for spontaneous play.

Other books by Barbara Sher:

  • “Playful Moments”
  • “Homegrown Baby”
  • “Attention Games”
  • “Smart Play”
  • “Self-esteem Games”
  • “Spirit Games”
  • “Easy Going Games”
  • “Extraordinary Play with Ordinary Things”


Barbara Sher has been working as a private practitioner with pediatric to geriatric patients and as a workshop leader and occupational therapist since 1967.

She is the author of seven books and one CD/tape on activities for children. Her books have been translated into 8 languages; Italian, French, Spanish, Chinese, Estonian, Arabic, Russian and Swedish, She has written numerous articles for publications such as in Mothering Magazine, Advance magazine,U.K's Kinded Spirit and on-line zine Writers Grrls. She is also the recipient of the World Rehabilitation Fund, "International Exchange of Experts".

Barbara lives and works on the island of Saipan and Tinian and has given workshops on other Micronesian islands under the auspices of the University of Hawaii.

Barbara is the mother of Roxanne and Marissa, the step mother of Jessica and the grandmother of Griffin, Maxwell and Oliver.






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