Janet Purcell

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Artist's Statement

I grew up in Trenton in a household surrounded by art: My father’s award-winning pen and ink drawings, my mother’s garden that sang with color, and my sister’s music. I fell in love with painting in oils, it became my love and it’s been non-stop ever since.

I exhibit primarily in New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania and am associated primarily with Lawrence Gallery, Lawrence Township, NJ and New Hope Arts Center, New Hope, PA.

I write about art in a weekly fine arts column in the Good Times section of the Trenton Times.

My love of art has also threaded into my fiction writing. My novel, Singer Lane, is available in bookstores, on amazon.com, and through my website. My second novel, The Long Way Home, is scheduled for publication by Sunpenny Publishing in the United Kingdom, with a launch expected May 2013. My third novel, Rooster Street, is developing rapidly. The art spirit is alive in all three of my books.


Janet Purcell, an award-winning journalist, writes a weekly fine arts column and feature stories for The Times of Trenton, the capital of New Jersey's leading newspaper. 

She writes about interior design for regional and national magazines and freelances travel stories to major newspapers and other publications. This is her first work of fiction and another, The Long Way Home, is soon to follow. She is also a professional artist. 

Singer Lane: A Novel

Matthew Callahan, an artist, goes to Cape Cod in winter to try to put his alcohol-wrecked life back together. He takes a job assisting an aging Princeton scholar and, during time off, stumbles on an abandoned cabin in the woods.

He breaks into it and finds blood stains on the floor, a skeleton tucked neatly in bed under rotting covers, a 150-year old journal telling of the couple who lived in the cabin all those years ago, and the murder that ended one life and destroyed the other. There are sub-plots involving rebuilding family relationships, a tragic auto accident, a tender love story, and a shocking final chapter.


Visit her at www.janpurcellart.com.

E-mail: JP2art@aol.com

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