Pavol Olsavsky III

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Artist Statement

The personal artistic journey began in the fall of 2007. It was the year I have entered Mason Gross School of the Arts at Rutgers University. Over the already three years spent in its studios I have realized one thing. That ultimately became the need to broaden my horizons and reconsider what I viewed as art.

The passion to portray emotion in a face or even a landscape has been there even before entering College, however, there was nothing it conveyed that made it interesting not only to the viewer, but neither to my own eye. Step by step, I let loose and let art take me in its direction. At first my work focused on brushstrokes and how they embodied the energy, which conveyed the particular object. Overtime I have developed an intrigue for the workings of social life, in particular the social life of a college student and tried to portray it through paint. 

Currently, the work’s theme focuses on the social life of a student, which portrays figures, emotion, and vibrant brush strokes, which play a major role in the new research I am conducting. The plan is to play with the effects it has visually on the viewer. When glancing on the painting from afar, everything seems to be conjoined together, forming a unified painting, however, when stepping closer, it dismembers itself, and the colors become its own entity.

This path has been influenced by various artists, ranging from Neo Rauch, Elizabeth Peyton, to Lucian Freud, Mondrian, and Repin. There also are other small aspect which make this possible for me, they are simply the restrictions I place on myself, for example using only one size brush for a series of paintings, without the use of any kind of a medium.

The journey I chose to take seems infinite, however, rewarding. Every time I glance upon a painting and become fairly satisfied, I feel almost as if on top of the world.



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