Hannah O'Brien

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Artist Statement

I paint using acrylics, creating vibrant, nonrepresentational paintings. My paintings usually seem to have an uncertainty about them, which I believe gives the viewer a chance to relate to them in their own way. I enjoy painting without a sketch in mind, just a general idea of the horizontal and vertical. I like the idea of a grid, but an organic grid. I’m curious about the interaction between wet on wet paint and the natural direction and flow of the drip. I want to create an atmosphere that is attractive and fascinating. I am interested in balancing compositions, and the aesthetics involved in my work. It’s the infatuation I have with spontaneity, unpredictability, and imagination that drives me to create these visually stimulating works.


One Straube Center Blvd • Pennington, NJ 08534 • Phone: 609-737-3322 • E-mail:
Straube Center Boulevard surrounded by Route 31, West Franklin Ave., Knowles Ave.-Bixby’s Way, and Broemel Place