Teri McCans

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She draws significant inspiration from her two overseas combat tours with the Army National Guard and ongoing service as a volunteer firefighter. Her compositions invoke a feeling of anxiety, as if something fragile is about to fall apart, by exploring strained conflicts between stability vs. fragility, strength vs. weakness, and male vs. female. She translates her personal response to these ubiquitous forces through a meticulous control of color, a clean aesthetic, and a deliberate use of negative space.

Her early work reflects her upbringing in one of New Jersey’s oft-ignored rural areas. She examines the effect of nature on human emotion with the sensibility of one who has seen the destructive inverse of this relationship. She is an avid world-traveler and her style continues to evolve, adopting influences from the many cultures she encounters. She subtly weaves these colors, shapes and themes into her work to create a richness of emotion, content, and form.  McCans hopes to elaborate on her experiences and continue to explore how environments impact and shape people. She will strive to transform her interpretations into a visual language befitting of the world’s complexity.

McCans was born in Freehold, NJ and received her Bachelor degree in Fine Art at the College of New Jersey. Her work has appeared in group exhibitions throughout New Jersey including The Way Out is Through, Nothing New Here, and Source.




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