Diana Krupensky

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Artist Biography 

A native of Romania, Diana Krupensky graduated from the University of Bucharest in Bucharest where she studied Philology with specialization in French literature and culture. She also studied Art History for three years at the university. After graduation, she became a translator from French literature and an editor with Univers,  the oldest and most prestigious publishing house in Romania.

Since 2009 she has been living in Connecticut with her husband after founding a U.S. based sister-company of Univers-Romania. Shortly after moving to the US she started painting, achieving what was a lifelong dream.

A self-taught artist, Diana perceives the surrounding world mainly as color, not shapes. She learned from books about perspective, laws of drawing and different techniques, and she put this knowledge to work in the process of creating a painting. However, her paintings are mostly expressions of subconscious ideas and images. She doesn’t plan a painting from the beginning: forms and bright colors seem to emerge by themselves, as though the painter is digging them up from the snow of the white canvas. She combines acrylic paints with ink, pastel pencils, oils pastels to define details, and molding paste for carving texture into the picture plane or different mediums to add transparency to colors.

She  can be contacted at e-mail: diana@edituraunivers.ro

Artist statement 

“I find colors, lights and shadows fascinating and I’m irresistibly drawn to human figures. My favorite themes are landscapes, where trees are kings, and human figures.

My paintings begin with a primary image – a human figure, a tree, a wall, a toy, a landscape – seen in the real world or in a photo, or one that has been buried in my memory for years, or just born in my imagination. When this image is laid down on the canvas, the background and the surrounding objects emerge by themselves.

What I try to convey through my landscapes is a feeling of serenity, of calm and beauty.  I would like the viewer to contemplate it and think: ‘I wish I were there, inside that beautiful world’.  My works including human figures are intended to express moods and emotions and to tell a story implied in their gestures, poses or expressions, or in their relationship with the objects in the painting. I like to do figurative paintings combined sometimes with abstract or irrational backgrounds or elements, suggesting dreams or escapes into an imaginary world.”


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