Gyuri Hollósy

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Gyuri Hollósy’s artistic career spans over a period of 49 years.  He was 12 when his passion for art was ignited by a Franciscan monk creating his art at a summer camp.  When he was in his teens, his art education started specifically in sculpture as an apprentice to sculptor, Frank Varga in Detroit, Michigan during the summer months of 1963-66.  He started his undergraduate studies at the Cleveland Institute of Art, in Cleveland, Ohio from 1965-68 and then went to Ohio University in Athens, Ohio to study under David Hostetler where he received my Bachelor of Fine Arts in 1969.  That summer he took an internship with Meyer John & Wengler Foundry to study bronze casting techniques for fine arts purposes and returned in the fall to begin his masters in sculpture and painting at Ohio University.  He was then drafted and spent 5 ½ years in the military with the U.S. Coast Guard.  After his military service he enrolled at Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana to restart his graduate studies with Jules Struppeck and received his Master of Fine Arts degree in 1977.

He launched his career as a teacher of fine arts at various universities and institutions; as sabbatical replacement from 1977-78 and as Interim Department Head from 1980-82 at Tulane University, as Assistant Professor at Washington University from 1982-85, and as Associate Professor at Bethany College, Lindsborg Kansas from 1985-88. 

With his parents, turn-of-the-century Hungarian painters, Simon Hollósy and Csontváry Tivadar Kosztka, helped him to crystallize his choice and completely supported his commitment to be an artist.  Since that time he has studied sculpture, ceramics, painting, and drawing, with sculpture becoming his favorite form of expression of all the mediums.  He finds his ideas manifest themselves most strongly with sculpture where he can work not only with the three dimensions of a form but also have the tactile pleasure of developing that form. Sculpture to him is real, creating, and being inventive and innovative.

Throughout these years he has been on an endlessly fascinating path of exploration and to develop his approaches to the human figure, specifically the female figure. His sculpture has emerged and evolved into a strongly delicate, unique and personal style that is subconsciously influenced by his love and fascination for Medieval and Eastern armor. In lieu of solidity, his figures, made by overlapping small pieces of metal, are open and hollow and can be seen into. Whether a partial form or full figured, the viewer now has the opportunity to experience the juxtaposition of the inner and the outer, the interior and the exterior spaces, and how both contribute to the whole. He then used the overlapping sections as a way to create larger works with out the use of heavy machinery thus giving him the freedom to create outdoor works in bronze.  Currently he is using mixed materials to accomplish his continued processes.


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