W.L. Hoffman - "The Soulstealer War"

Combining a voracious appetite for things cosmic and arcane, the opening book of W.L. Hoffman’s debut fantasy and sci-fi series - The Soulstealer War - was published in 2008. In book one, The First Mother’s Fire, Hoffman weaves an epic fantasy tale from the unusual eye of a practical survivalist who cannot resist contemplating the nature of existence and the possibility of true magic.

Scientific theory and religious dogma are subtly invited to meet on common ground after the main character - Kenneth McNary - encounters a mysterious being who entices him to enter an unearthly realm. McNary becomes the reluctant wizard, dependent on magic to dispel the bleak preconceptions burdening mere humans in a mythic world, and yet struggling vainly to escape his doomed fate. Power comes with a price, a price that may always be too high for humanity in its current incarnation. Hoffman is currently writing The Splintering Realm - book two of The Soulstealer War.

When life otherwise intrudes on his work, Hoffman enjoys spending time with his family in their organic vegetable garden, exploring the nearby mountains, and telling tales on the front porch to the next generation of dreamers and writers.

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