Dion Hitchings

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Artist's Statement

i was born in saint louis, missouri on december 22, 1958 (almost a xmas baby).
 my mother found out she was pregnant with me, two weeks after my father’s funeral.
took up drawing at age 3 and never put down the crayons.
I have never considered myself to fit in the “normal” world,
so I looked to leave the midwest as soon as possible.

i went to washington university in saint louis/school of fine arts,
where I graduated with a bachelor of fine arts.
luckily, i landed one of the only art related jobs in saint louis,
hired as a fashion illustrator at jeans west,
which i did for the next 3 years.
i also developed my skills into being an art director.
I also met the person
who would be my significant other for the next 23 years.

next i moved to chicago,
after being hired at evans furs as an art director.
never stopped drawing,
but i felt the best way to make a living was the commercial route.
my next job was for marshall fields department store,
which i stayed at for the next three years.

my next move was new york city,
where i was hired as art director at bloomingdales.
 i was in fashion heaven working with some of the
 best photographers, stylists and models in the world.
from there i freelanced art directing and illustration,
worked for conde naste, avon, saks fifth avenue and aerosoles.
tired of living in the city i moved to rural new jersey in hunterdon county.
where I finally purchased my first house.

but things changed, within a 4 year period,
i lost my significant other to a car accident,
 lived through 9/11 and was laid off my last job.
my priorities changed and what is important shifted.
you only live once.
so i put the pieces back together

Website: http://www.dionhitchings.com

One Straube Center Blvd • Pennington, NJ 08534 • Phone: 609-737-3322 • E-mail:
Straube Center Boulevard surrounded by Route 31, West Franklin Ave., Knowles Ave.-Bixby’s Way, and Broemel Place