D.J. Haslett

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Pipe Dream

Artist Biography

D.J. Haslett is an award-winning artist and photographer, published poet, and musician. He is a member of The International Sculpture Center and Trenton Artists Workshop Association. He also currently serves as 2nd Vice President of the New Jersey Poetry Society, is a member of The River Poets and Association of Professional Entertainers. Haslett works in the Admissions Department at Grounds for Sculpture in Hamilton, NJ where he also gives workshops on found object art, abstract painting and other mediums, is a docent, is involved in docent training; hosts poetry readings, serves on the faculty and assists in art education programs.

Starting his art career in 1999, Haslett, who is self-taught, has 11 solo shows to his credit, has had work accepted in 18 juried shows including works accepted in the Bucks Magazine “It’s About Art Exhibit” at the Bucks Gallery of Fine Art, The Ellarslie Open at the Trenton City Museum, The Da Vinci Art Gallery’s “Cut it Up” exhibition in Philadelphia, Gallery 125 in Trenton and The Mercer County Community College Gallery. His work has also been exhibited at the Prallsville Mills, Artworks and Sculpture Association of New Jersey invitational exhibitions along with numerous member and group shows.

“Out Pouring of Emotion, H-4”
on Exhibit January 14 – February 25th, 2011

“This is the 4th painting in the series. I call this style Nonrepresentational Expressionism where there is no plan ahead of time. These paintings are done outside. They are a journal of what happened during the creative act---what was going on in my mind, the wind, the gravity of the Earth, the Sun, how the paints interacted, how I turned the canvas, the music I have playing, birds singing—the whole experience.”

Artist’s Statement:

“I have worked in many artistic mediums, both visual and performance, for close to a decade. I come from a long-line of welders, carpenters, tool-and-die makers, mechanics and men who worked in other building trades.The found objects I am strongly drawn to, rusted metals, old tools, car parts, weathered wood, rusted hardware and other items of this nature, I believe, reflect this part of my past. I worked in factories in my youth, with big, metallic machines stamping out metal parts; the machines, as I think back, remind me of big, metal sculptures with interesting, unusual shapes. These found objects may lie around my studio for years until their ‘personalities,’ as I call them, begin to reveal themselves.

Recently, I have also have been creating Abstract Expressionist paintings which turns out to be a great compliment to my assemblage and mixed-media work.

Life should be experienced with child-like curiosity…constantly experimenting - try new ideas, continually learning and studying and we should look below the superficial to the true beauty beneath.”

E-mail: d.j.haslett@verizon.net
Phone: 609-462-9124

One Straube Center Blvd • Pennington, NJ 08534 • Phone: 609-737-3322 • E-mail:
Straube Center Boulevard surrounded by Route 31, West Franklin Ave., Knowles Ave.-Bixby’s Way, and Broemel Place