Samuel Guerrero, Jr.

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A longtime resident of Southern New Jersey, and recent graduate of Rowan University’s BFA program, Samuel Guerrero, Jr. is a digital artist–to be more specific, a 3D artist. Drawing at an early age, Samuel realized early on that art was his calling and ever since he witnessed the dinosaur wizardry of the original Jurassic Park film, his life would be forever transformed as an artist. From that singular point of inspiration, his pursuit of 3d as an artistic medium has been relentless. Just as ILM or Pixar utilizes the magical technology to generate the illusion of reality in their movies, Samuel Guerrero, Jr. is also able to use the same technological principles of sculpting virtual volumes, lighting with hyper-realism and texturing with high-definition detail to not only create the illusion of reality, but to suspend it and tell a compelling story in a single illustration. Using 3D technology as a tool, Samuel is able to bring characters, the worlds they live in and their universe to life.

Samuel’s approach to creating art is based on a simple formula utilizing three constants. The first constant is an overarching theme of fun and whimsical sensibility. Polite or irreverent, abrasive or soft, impassive or poignant-no matter what the intention is, the language and sensibility always remains the same for each piece in this exhibition: always keep it fun. The second constant is the idea of creating a marriage between the concepts of familiarity and unfamiliarity, which allows Samuel to present something new to the viewer. Lastly, the third constant is Samuel’s belief in engaging the audience with each piece he delivers. Through unique storytelling, detailed textures, realistic lighting and effective use of color, the ability for the audience to interact and create a unique personal experience reinforces Samuel Guerrero Jr.’s artistic philosophy. As a 3D artist, Samuel prefers to use Lightwave 3d, Photoshop, ZBrush and 3dCoat as his software tools of choice.



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