Sarah Morgan Graham

My name is Sarah Morgan Graham, I am entering my senior year as Visual Arts major/Communications minor at Widener University. I have always enjoyed the world of visual and fine arts. I am given the gift of being able to express myself and my talents through different variants of mediums. All my life I have been drawing and sketching. I picked up painting while i was in high school, and it has become a huge part of my life ever since. I enjoy painting mostly in the acrylic medium, but also, watercolors, and the occasional oil painting. Subjects I have started to concentrate on specifically are paintings of surfers and beach scenes. I am from South Jersey, and I grew up spending my summer weekends in Ocean City NJ. Still to this day, I continue my journeys to Ocean City where I have grown both as an artist and a person. I owe many of my artistic inspiration to my connection with Ocean City , not only has the town made surfing possible for me, but it has also provided me with beautiful scenery to include in my art.

 Surfing is a big part of my life, and intertwines with my outlook on the artistic world. I feel that Surfing is a release of the mind, body and soul. When I surf, I surf with my heart, and all possibilities are an endless journey to achievement, and self discovery. Being an artist, gives me that exact same feeling. The ability to show desires hopes and aspirations through self expression. Art is a healing tool for the world, and it is my job as an artist to provide for the people, and spread the word.

Aside from Surf Art, I also produce and enjoy working in other forms as well. Other than painting I also work in the mediums of graphic design, pastel, and charcoal.

I produce my art not only as part of my career choice, but for the sheer fact that it moves me and makes me the individual that I have become today. Without my artistic talent, I would feel like I have missed out on a beautiful part of life. It is a way to show how one feels through doing what one loves, and is truly a priceless gift.

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