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...paintings of another time, another place

Ritch Gaiti’s ethereal paintings commemorate the west - a horse runs free on the open range; a buffalo oversees the plains that he rules; a proud people enjoy a rich culture and a oneness with the land. The paintings are about change, evolution, and extinction—something emerges, something disappears. Each represents the spirit of a time long gone. The series is executed primarily in oils, often heavily textured to add another dimension and give the effect of the passage of time.

“My goal is to put the viewer, not only into another time and place, but also in the subject’s heart. Reliving another time on canvas has been my passion. Horses running free across the range represent grace, beauty, strength and freedom. I dedicated this series to a simpler time.” 

Ritch is rapidly building a strong following with galleries and collectors throughout the world. He is an emerging self taught artist who has been painting for over twenty years and only recently began to exhibit publicly. Recently, Ritch won

  • the People’s Choice Award of the American Plains Artists exhibition, and
  • the Judges Award of Merit in the Trail of Painted Ponies National Art Competition.

He is a member of the Oil Painters of America, American Plains Artists and CHAPS, Cowboy Heritage Artists and Photographers Society. He has exhibited in:

  • The International Museum of the Horse,
  • The American Quarterhouse Association Museum,
  • The Gilcrease Museum,
  • The Great Plains Art Museum and
  • The Ellen Noel Museum, Odessa, Texas.

He has also been selected to be a contributing artist to the collaborative mosaic Le Chadeau du Cheval – the Horse Gift.

“Gaiti imbues his paintings with a striking authenticity by virtue of his genuine affection for the subject matter and his sympathy for the native peoples . . . All reveal Ritch Gaiti’s special gift for lending old myths new life...   No other contemporary artist captures the human/equine bond more sympathetically than Gaiti.”  ~Gallery and Studio Magazine

Ritch is also an aspiring writer, having written several novels. He also enjoys tennis, skiing and is a private pilot.

He is currently exhibiting his works in galleries in Santa Fe, Jackson Hole, Delray Beach, and Fort Collins.

Ritch Gaiti WWW.GAITI.COM        609 466-5888       ritch.gaiti@verizon.net



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