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Artist's Statement

Pastels & Paint

I used to be a young, hip, New York City artist who did conceptual art and wore black. Now I’m a middle-aged suburbanite who does landscapes. Where did I go right?

Actually, it was finding out I had breast cancer one day, and leukemia the next, that sent me down to the Delaware River. I thought it was to sit, look at the scenery and calm down. But I was supposed to sit, look at the scenery and paint it. So I did. I can’t help it.

I taught myself to use watercolor, then pastels, then oils. Every time I learn something new, I say to myself, “Oh no! Not another medium!” But it’s so addictive.

My work has no hidden meaning. If I like what I see, I paint it.

I like being able to bring seasons, colors and light inside to appreciate all day, all year.

I teach adapted art at YWCA, Princeton and try to instill in my students an enthusiasm for not only the materials and technique, but mostly for the process. I share their joy in creating.
Making art is the best medicine.


One Straube Center Blvd • Pennington, NJ 08534 • Phone: 609-737-3322 • E-mail:
Straube Center Boulevard surrounded by Route 31, West Franklin Ave., Knowles Ave.-Bixby’s Way, and Broemel Place