Diane Currie - "Before My Eyes"

Diane Currie journeyed with her mother through Alzheimer's disease for nearly seven years. She has published several articles in local papers and journals relating to the grief of losing her mother to this disease. She holds a BS degree in Business Administration from Marywood University, Scranton and lives with her family and cairn terrier in New Jersey.

In Before My Eyes, author Diane Currie shares her candid and personal reflections about her mother's struggle with this disease as she copes with the reality of the present but always honors the memory of the past. Through a series of moving vignettes, she remains connected with her mother in a creative way as the strong bond between them slowly dissolves as the disease progresses. From the first moment of her mother's diagnosis, Currie conveys in a captivating manner the intense feelings of loss and hopelessness one experiences when dealing with this dreadful disease.

Ms. Currie is currently pursuing certification in Gerontology and will continue to be a voice for those who suffer with Alzheimer’s disease.










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