Kathy Casper

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Artist's Statement

I have been working with clay for 18 years. I have always loved to be outside daydreaming. My journey to clay was very colorful and adventurous. I am thankful to have been blessed with this talent.

I received an Associates Degree of Fine Arts from Burlington County College in Pemberton NJ. This is when my first spiritual experience with clay took place during a hand building class. I was hooked. The rest of my continuing education in ceramics is from workshops and the generous sharing of many talented artists.

My work is hand built from cone 6 stoneware clays. Tiles and mosaics are my favorite forms to play with. I also enjoy making other forms with the clay slabs such as vases, gift boxes and altar pieces. People I meet, books, the flowers in my garden all inspire my creativity. I wish to make every moment a celebration of life.

Website: www.kathycasper.etsy.com

















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