Don Campbell

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About the artist

Don's first experience in sculpting was in his high school art class, where he created two sculptures: one, an abstract tree in plaster and the other, an abstract form in metal and plexiglass. It was obvious from the start, he had a talent and love of sculpting. Upon entering the work force, he chose a career in graphic design, which at the time offered better earning prospects and he hoped to return to sculpting some day.

It would be over twenty years before he would revisit his love for sculpting. After attending a workshop on “Doing what you love”, he realized he had been away from his art for too long and signed up for a local class in sculpting. Since that first night, he was hooked on clay and the human form. Today he sculpts in his studio exploring new directions in expressing the "Story" through form.

Artist Statement:

“There is paradox in sculpting, from one perspective they seem motionless, frozen in time, locked in an unfinished jester or conversation. Yet to me, they are as alive as anything in the universe. An unfinished story is emanating from each sculpture, engaging the observers imagination. As wave and particle my art is ripe for the observer's glance, which gives birth to a dance unique to each person.

Art is a catalyst for expansion, growth and the realization of our connection to all. Nothing is static, everything is in motion, expressing itself from it's innermost center. As an artist, I create to communicate, to share, to expand and to feel connected to the flow and rhythm of nature as it unfolds.

I create out of joy and connection to the vast sea of endless potentiality where judgement and fear are relics of the past, discarded in exchange for true freedom. ”

Visit his website:

One Straube Center Blvd • Pennington, NJ 08534 • Phone: 609-737-3322 • E-mail:
Straube Center Boulevard surrounded by Route 31, West Franklin Ave., Knowles Ave.-Bixby’s Way, and Broemel Place