Nicole Helen Brunner

Artist statement

My current work uses massively repossessed images where the owner is almost if not totally lost in the process. I find all my images on websites and mostly on blogs. I take these images and redraw parts of them onto larger canvases much larger than you would normally view them. Seldom do I paint the image almost exactly the way it was presented on the website I found it. Majority of the time I use only the small portions of the original to create my painting.

Growing up an only child, I was frequently left to my own devices spending a great deal of time within the confines of my own imagination.  Between the ages of 14 and 21, I created countless self-portraits from a unique place of self-aware solitude, documenting my experiences of growing up as both the artist and as the subject.

I still consider my work to be a series of self-portraits today, although, I have abandoned using my physical form as the subject. In this way, my work challenges the traditional definitions of a self-portrait. Instead of presenting a literal representation of myself, my self-portraits utilize seemingly irrelevant objects and environments to define who I am and how I see myself. My body of work documents an extremely personal and intimate journey of self-exploration using a wide range of media, including paintings, photography and works on paper.

All my work here was created with oil paint. Not all of my canvases were hand stretched. The boarders are painted with acrylic.

Education and Experience:
I went to Bergen Community College and then graduated from Ramapo College of New Jersey. I frequent the Art Students League in NYC. I also have taught a life drawing/painting class at Solo(s) Project House in Newark NJ. I also teach private classes.

Day Job:
I work in the insurance industry ya know Life insurance.

Subjects and themes:
I choose women because I mostly relate to them since I am a female. I also like the idea that it is a way for me live vicariously through my subject matter. I can make them whoever I want them to be.

Other work:
I work in several different Media including but not limited to drawing, paper cutting, photography, etc. though I mostly only show my paintings.

I have work in Seton Hall Law University in Newark, NJ
I will also have work in the Paterson Art Walk on June 11
I also have work at many of the local flea markets next will be at the Kearny  Flea Market at the Irish Club on May 15.

I am a co-director for an artist collective called 1 OP Collective. Through the Collective I have helped co-direct several shows in New jersey and NY.

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