Amadeo D'Adamo Jr.

Amadeo D'Adamo Jr. retired from York College of the City University of New York as Professor Emeritus of Biology. His previous academic appointments were Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Seton Hall College of Medicine and Dentistry (which is now NJ College of Medicine and Dentistry), and Columbia University. In these institutions Dr. D'Adamo was particularly interested in the education of women and minority students. His research interests included areas of liver metabolism and neurobiology. In addition, Dr. D'Adamo has published in the area of bioethics, mainly the ethical and social effects of reproductive technology. This includes "Resetting the Biological Clock"; "Whither the Womb?: Myths Machines and Mothers"; "The Human Embryo: Sacred Vessel or Research Reagent?". In addition he was co-editor and contributor to an early publication in the field: Embryos, Ethics and Women's Rights."

The play "The Passover Plot: The Pontius Pilate-Judas Conspiracy" comes from a close reading of the Gospels where Judas is reported to have said that "The man I kiss is Jesus"  Dr. D'Adamo contends that the Judas kiss was necessary since the people who came to arrest Jesus were neither ordinary Jews nor members of the SanHedrin  who would have recognized Jesus. Neither were they guards from the Temple. Rather, they were Roman soldiers dressed up as Jews who did not know what Jesus looked like. Hence the need for the Judas kiss. 

Dr. D'Adamo has marshaled the evidence of the anti- Jewish sentiment of  Pontius Pilate in addition to that in the Gospels from the historian Josephus and other sources.

Based on these writings the conclusion of the play is that Jews had little, if anything, to do with the arrest, trial and crucifixion of Jesus.










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