Art at Straube Center

The Straube Center is Proud to Announce:


This two person show features these talented Artists: Tania Sen and Phillip McConnell

Two artists that each use their creativity to express their talent for colors and visual art.

Tania Sen,  Born in Kolkata, India; Tania Sen currently lives and works in New York/New Jersey.  Sen’s works have shown at the Newark Museum (NJ), The Royal Scottish Academy, Tate (UK) Mumbai Museum (India) Contemporary Art Museum S. Korea, Torpedo Art Factory, Feminist Art Project, Goggleworks, Prince Street Gallery etc.  Sen graduated with Honors in English Literature from Calcutta University, and completed Masters in Communication Arts and MBA from New York Institute of Technology, on academic scholarships.  After working in the Advertising industry for twenty some years Sen turned to teaching and art therapy since 2001. She taught Advertising Design at the College of St. Elizabeth, Morristown, NJ and also practiced Art therapy with autistic children at the Morris Union Jointure Commission, Warren, NJ.  A founder member of SIPMA Contemporary, Sen curated a number of exhibits.  Among Sen’s inter- disciplinary collaboration projects are: experimental dance/art at Swarthmore College and performance art at the Soho 20 gallery, NYC.

Phillip McConnell, Phillip McConnell is a 25 year old Glitch Artist from Trenton, NJ. Glitch art is the aestheticization of digital or analog errors, such as artifacts and other “bugs”, by either corrupting digital code/data or by physically manipulating electronic devices. Although Glitch Art is a relatively new underground digital art form; the concept of Glitch Art has existed since 1962. While the art form is not well known by many it has existed for years. This contribution to the exhibition is to show this digital art form in a different medium, as well as expose it to a different audience that may not have access to it or even known about it prior to seeing it. Phillip expresses this art form in a way that sets him apart from the rest. As a sort of digital alchemy he blends aspects of photography and graphic design with data bending. By bending and manipulating the raw data of a picture, he essentially corrupts the original picture creating something new and destroying what was. Creatio rationum ab interitu or creation out of destruction, in life you can either build or destroy and Phillip chooses to do both through his art form

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Opening Reception for ” EYE FOR AN EYE” By Tania Sen and Phillip McConnell is April 21st  from 7-9pm

 EYE FOR AN EYE show will be exhibited from April 21st- July 7th . Gallery Hours: M-F  from 8am – 4pm, Weekends from 11am – 5pm.

The public is invited  to attend all events at no charge. Meeting with the  artists offers the public an opportunity to learn how to view and evaluate art  from the artists’ perspective and is especially helpful to the new collector.

Straube Center features and supports local artists

For more  than 30 years, Straube Center exhibition rooms have displayed local and  international artists’ works in regularly rotating shows. Straube Center does not charge a commission, 100% of the sales goes to the individual artist.  As part of the office complex’s work environment, Straube’s art exhibits have proven extremely successful. Over the years, large numbers of celebrated artists have participated in Straube’s unique shows, and many more are ready to set up future shows.

Steve, the man who stood model over 30 years ago for Seward Johnson, came to visit the Straube Center after seeing the article in the Trenton Times.

Steve, the man who stood model over 30 years ago for Seward Johnson, came to visit the Straube Center after seeing an article in the Trenton Times.

Outdoor exhibit with local sculpture artists at Straube Center

In 2009,  the a sculpture  garden with “Art You Can Touch”, including large bronze, wood, metal, marble  and other stone carvings by a variety of locally as well as globally well-known  artists was added to the Straube Center Office Park.  Some of the three-dimensional art is on permanent display while some of it will be on exhibition temporarily. Most sculptures are for sale. The sculpture gardens is adding to the nurturing  environment and is giving more exposure not only to the seekers of enjoyment in art,  but to many visitors that may not normally visit a gallery. The high  number of sold art to date shows how much Straube Center tenants and visitors  enjoy this one-of-a-kind experience.